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Can you name the famous men named David, Dave or Davy ?

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Magician & TV personality, had his own TV show in the '60s1919-1978
Famous for hard-hitting interviews, and for presenting pioneering satirical show 'That Was The Week That Was'1939-
Actor, best known for TV role as Agatha Christie's Poirot1946-
Guitarist in the Kinks, brother of Ray1947-
Flamboyant rock singer, frontman in Whitesnake1951-
Labour MP, younger brother became Labour Party Leader in 20101965-
Much loved naturalist & broadcaster. Famous actor brother Richard1926-
American heart-throb, had many hits in the '70s1950-
Member of Pink Floyd, and my all-time favourite guitarist!1946-
Singer/songwriter, best-known album is 'White Ladder'1968-
Much loved UK actor, most famous for TV sitcom 'Only Fools & Horses'1940-
Former TV sports commentator, affectionately known for his on-air gaffes1926-
Especially famous for TV show 'Little Britain', and for swimming the length of the River Thames for charity1971-
British Prime Minister from 1916 to 19221863-1945
Became British Prime Minister in 20101966-
Musician, had 1968 instrumental hit 'Sabre Dance' with band Love Sculpture, and solo hit in 1970 'I Hear You Knocking'1944-
Comedian, often on TV panel shows, is half of comedy duo with Robert Webb1974-
Scottish actor, real surname McDonald, most famous for playing Doctor Who1971-
Real surname Jones. Major part of '70s Glam Rock movement with hits such as 'Starman'1947-
Only English member of The Monkees1945-2012
Footballer; former England goalkeeper1963-
Irish comedian, popular in the '60s & '70s,1936-2005
Real surname Harman, fronted '60s pop band band with Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich1941-2009
Footballer. Married one of the Spice Girls1975-
Disc jockey, used to host 'Juke Box Jury'' on TV in the '60s, and currently has a regular show on Radio 21926-

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