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Can you name the Most Populous Islands of Italy?

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Region of Italy5 015 569
Region of Italy1 600 150
Flegrean Islands62 860
Venetian Lagoon57 673
Venetian Lagoon44 361
Tuscan Archipelago31 660
Sicilian Island30 225
Island of Apulia19 430
Venetian Lagoon17 848
Sulcis Archipelago14 434
Flegrean Islands14 117
Island in Lazio's River11 236
Maddalena Archipelago10 689
Flegrean Islands10 596
Aeolian Islands10 554
Sicilian Island7 649
Grado Lagoon7 014
Grado Lagoon6 444
Venetian Lagoon6 429
Pelagian Islands5 282
Venetian Lagoon4 968
Sicilian Island4 500
Venetian Lagoon4 471
Pontine Islands3 378
Venetian Lagoon3 267
Aegadian Islands3 115
Aeolian Islands2 588
Lake Iseo Island1 769
Tuscan Archipelago1 393
Sicilian Island1 308
Venetian Lagoon771
Pontine Islands737
Aeolian Islands715
Aegadian Islands595
Aeolian Islands572
Pelagian Islands443
Tuscan Archipelago420
Venetian Lagoon364
Aeolian Islands241
Tremiti Islands236
Aeolian Islands235
Aegadian Islands222
Tremiti Islands131
Tuscan Archipelago124
Aeolian Islands105
Maddalena Archipelago77
Lake Orta Island77
Venetian Lagoon69
Borromean Islands57
Ligurian Island56
Borromean Islands36
Lake Trasimeno35
Sardinian Island27
Venetian Lagoon25
Venetian Lagoon22
Tuscan Archipelago13
Venetian Lagoon11
Venetian Lagoon11
Stagnone Islands10
Venetian Lagoon10
Tuscan Archipelago10
Lake Garda Island10
Venetian Lagoon9
Maddalena Archipelago9
Grado Lagoon7
Maddalena Archipelago4
Borromean Islands4
Grado Lagoon3
Maddalena Archipelago2
Tuscan Archipelago2
Borromean Islands2
Sicilian Island1
Maddalena Archipelago1
Maddalena Archipelago1
Sardinian Island1
Venetian Lagoon1
Apulia Island1

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