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Forced Order
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Who is the missing girl from Rosewood?
What is another name that she went by? (dark hair)
Who was Emilys boyfriend in season 1?
Who saved her when her boyfriend was harassing her in the locker room?
Who is Toby's half sister?
What caused her to become blind?
Whose idea was it?
Who didn't want to do it?
Where does Hanna's moms work in the earlier seasons
After her mom took money from the bank, where did Hanna hide the money?
Who is her boyfriend?
What brand of car does Caleb drive?
What does Spencer's mom do?
Who does she defend in Ali's murder trial?
Who is Spencer's half brother?
What do her and Jason find that end up proving Garrett's innocence?
Where do they find it?
Who is Aria dating?
Where did they meet?
What was the name of the girl her dad was cheating on her mom with in the earlier episodes?
In the episode 'Misery Loves Company' what is Meredith looking for?
Who was Emily's girlfriend who was murdered?
What was the real name of the guy who murdered her?
Who did he pretend to be?
Who was Hanna's best friend in seasons 1&2?
What sanitarium is Mona and Spencer put in?
Who was Spencer's boyfriend in season 1?
What sport did Spencer play?
Who did Ezra get pregnant?
What is the name of his kid?

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