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Can you name the majority of the disney characters!?

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The very first mouse to be a Disney character
She wears a red bow on her head with white spots
He's a yellow dog with black ears
A lovable dog with a silly personality and normally seen with a green top hat
Wearing a white and blue sailor suit
She wears a light purple bow on her head and has purple heels
He is seen as the bully in Mickey Mouses Clubhouse
This character is the bestfriend of Minnie Mouse and is a farm animal
The original princess
The cheerful dwarf
The miserable little man
He's always tired
The clumsiest out of the 7
Allergic to nearly everything!!!
The stuttering little man
He's always embarrassed
She disguises herself as an old hag
The original prince
She went to the ball after all
The man eager to find his princess with only a shoe
Bibbidi BobBidi BOO!
Cinderellas guardian
The long haired, ugly sister
The short haired, ugly sister
They help sew a dress fit enough for the ball
The dog that chases the fat black and white cat
Her fathers horse
A big fat black and white cat
Her best friend is a Tiger
He's the street rat of Agrabah
A little monkey with a purple jacket
Voiced by Robbie Williams
A rug that can fly
The ruler of Agrabah
The evil sourcerer
A red and blue parrot
She fell in love with an Englishmen from another land
Pocahontas' bestfriend
The wise old tree
A little raccoon
A humming bird
The first English male whom proved the heroine wrong
He shot an Indian man, a young womans betrothed
The man who brought the chiefs daughter to England to meet the king
The leader of the tribe
The man in charge of the expedition, raiding Virginia
Pocahontas' betrothed
A warrior with a minature dragon
Voiced by Eddie Murphy, to guide the brave warrior
The new general of China's army
The first HUMAN Afriacan American princess
This female saves her home survives on a crystals magic
He has big dreams of finding Atlantis
The mechanic of the bunch and quite sarcastic
He is the dirtiest and smelliest of the crew
He works with bombs
His the medical help of the squad
He is the back stabber, trying to steal the crystal
She turns on the crew
The original African king of Pride Rock
The original African queen of Pride Rock
The prince, soon to be king of pride Rock
The original African princess, The cycle of life
The young African princess, daughter of Simba
A stubborn dodo bird
A funny meerkat
A hysterical warthog
The evil lioness, hungry for revenge
The original king of Pride rocks brother
The strange lion, killed bysmall landslide
Scars adopted son
Most loyal to her mother, she helps spy on the Pride
The crazy baboon
She is rarely remembered, this girl helps destroy the black cauldron *wink* *wink*
His the maroon haired warrior with a magic pig
A little, mischievious thief who stole an apple
A pig who can see into the future
The skeleton villain in search of the black cauldron
'Touch the spindle of a spinning wheel'
Gives the child a gift of 100 years sleep
Gives the child the gift of Beauty
Gives the child a gift of song
Gives the child a loop hole from the curse with true loves kiss
Shes a brave wee Lass she is. With three wee brothers
The king of Glandenrock
The stubborn scottish queen
The mischievious trio of bear cubs
A power hungry man transforms into a misunderstood beast
Long blonde hair and bright green eyes, her bestfriend is a lizard
'Here comes the smoulder'
Rapunzles bestfriend
The blonde princesses kidnapper
Her biological parents
The white horse on a solo mission

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