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Forced Order
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What is Salem's surname?
What is Mr Kraft's brother's name?
Which fruit doesn't agree with Hilda?
Who sent Salem the twelve days of christmas?
What creature was Jenny turned into by Drell?
What holiday did Salem get rid of?
What rumour did Sabrina start about Harvey?
What did Salem say was the fountain of youth?
What was the name of the pregnant cat in season 3?
How many members of the Hart family made guest appearances on the show?
Which state does Valerie move to?
What does Roland call Harvey?
Which other magical tv show did Barbara Eden (Aunt Irma) have a starring role in?
What is the name of Zelda's evil twin?
Through the span of the show how many bands is Sabrina in?
What food do the Spellman's have a weakness for?
Donald Faison played 2 different roles on the show: True/False
When she's nervous, what does Sabrina conjure up?
What was the name on the mug that Hilda got for Zelda at Disney world?
What was the name of Salem's daughter?
What role did Sabrina play in Salem's daughter's wedding?
What cancels out the effect of humble pie?
What was the name of the cave man that Zelda conjured from a bone?
What did Vesta turn her and Hilda and Zelda's parents into?
What is Hilda's middle name?
What is the only thing that can hold magic?
At what time did Harvey and Sabrina first talk?
In the Other Realm what does YMCA stand for?
Name any of Father Christmas' grandchildren
Zelda has never been married: True/False

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