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According to Gina why can’t you add x to anything.
Name one of the tribbiani women who has a moustache.
What is Alex short for?
What part of his body is Michael insecure about in the episode “Joey and the neighbour”?
What did Joey want Jimmy’s wife to carve for him?
Where was the bathroom in Joey’s house?
How many kinds of lasagne pieces are there?
Which piece is called the joey?
What did Joey do to try and impress Gina’s friend donna?
When did Joey sleep with 10 of Gina’s friends?
Whose concert did Alex go to while joey was judging a las vegas beauty pageant?
What 2 things did gina and mary Theresa tell their sister tina jelly beans were?
Who is stupider than tina?
How old was michael’s girlfriend Lorraine?
Which movie was gina obsessed with in the episode “Joey and the holding hands”?
What piece of food does alex say joey can’t have in “Joey and the wedding”?
What song does howard sing in the same episode?
How many months apart were all the tribbiani children?
Whose hair did Gina want to buy?

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