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in my opinion
that said
to simplify
no kidding
it's a question of
on the contrary
to guess, infer
in short
as for me
what a pity
I have no idea
all the same
that is to say
suit yourself; whatever you want
to improve
to make a list
therefore; hence
to conclude
I can't take it anymore
that depends on
to outline
first and foremost
in that case
to summarize
understood, but
on the other hand
to support
anyway; even though
that's horrible
to express (an opinion)
you're joking
according to
that's not fair
that has nothing to do with
without a doubt
I feel the same as you (fam.)
I think that
to predict
doesn't matter
to create
that bothers me
I'm a little confused
I disagree
to deduce
does that bother you?
to analyze, dissect
it seems that
nevertheless, however

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