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QUIZ: Can you name the French body parts and colors?

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Ninety-five yellow eyes
Thirteen blue eyebrows
Twenty-one white waists
Fourteen brown noses
Eleven pink heads
Twenty-nine black eyelashes
Five purple chests
Forty pink mouths
Twenty-three white hands
Three brown chins
One blue eye
Fifty green mouths
Seventy purple tongues
Twenty gray bottoms
Eighty grays hairs
Four orange necks
Twenty-four green knees
One green face
Twenty-five purple eyes
Nine black legs
Twenty-two pink fingers
Nineteen black elbows
Eight red wrists
Sixty blue teeth
Six white stomachs
Ten gray feet
Fifteen orange throats
Twenty-eight red fingernails
Eighteen red arms
Two blue ears
Sixteen purple shoulders
Twenty-six white thumbs
Seventeen yellow backs
Twenty-seven yellow toes
Seven yellow bellybuttons
Thirty gray cheeks
Seventy-two white eyelashes
Twelve green foreheads
Ninety purple fingers

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