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HintVerb in French
to view (a film online)
to import
to nurse/treat
to do some research/enquire
to lose (data)
to copy and paste
to open (a website/a document)
to succeed in doing something
to share
to promise
to be used/to be in use
to start doing something
to bring closer
to freeze (e.g. screen)
to burn (a CD)
to spend time
to do business
to surf (the web)
to provide (a service)
to take a photo with a selfie stick
to download
to browse (the web)
to keep (something with you)
to play online
to queue
HintVerb in French
to get around/travel
to gather material/information
to export
to investigate/inquire/look into
to support/help
to wonder/ask yourself a question
to note
to save (file, data...)
to learn/educate (yourself)
to update
to make enquiries
to subscribe to
to venture
to search
to send a text
to break
to publish online
to manage, get by
to disclose
to register
to infect (with a virus)
to cut oneself off (from friends)
to seize an opportunity
to check-in (airport)
to take up a challenge

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