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Can you name the serials starring the 6th Doctor?

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Serial # (Season)Serial TitleEnemy
135 (21)Sharaz Jek
136 (21)Mestor
137 (22)The Cybermen
138 (22)Sil
139 (22)The Master & The Rani
140 (22)Chessene & Shockeye & The Sontarans
141 (22)Borad
Serial # (Season)Serial TitleEnemy
142 (22)Davros & The Daleks
143 (23)Drathro & The Valeyard
143 (23)Sil & The Valeyard
143 (23)Vervoids & The Valeyard
143 (23)The Master & The Valeyard
144 (24)The Rani

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