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Can you name the serials starring the 4th Doctor?

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Serial # (Season)Serial TitleEnemy
074 (11)Great One
075 (12)Scientific Reform Society
076 (12)The Wirrrn
077 (12)The Sontarans
078 (12)Davros & The Daleks
079 (12)The Cybermen
080 (13)The Zygons
081 (13)Antimatter
082 (13)Sutekh
083 (13)The Kraals
084 (13)Morbius
085 (13)Krynoids
086 (14)Hieronymous
087 (14)Eldrad
088 (14)The Master & Goth
089 (14)Xoanon
090 (14)Taren Capel
091 (14)Magnus Greel
092 (15)The Rutans
093 (15)The Swarm
094 (15)The Fendahl
095 (15)The Collector
Serial # (Season)Serial TitleEnemy
096 (15)The Oracle
097 (15)The Sontarans
098 (16)Graff Vynda-K
099 (16)The Captain & Queen Xanxia
100 (16)Cessair of Diplos
101 (16)Count Grendel
102 (16)Thawn
103 (16)The Shadow & The Black Guardian
104 (17)Davros & The Daleks
105 (17)Scaroth of the Jagaroth
106 (17)Lady Adrasta
107 (17)Mandrels & Tryst
108 (17)The Nimon
109 (18)Pangol
110 (18)General Grugger
111 (18)None
112 (18)Great Vampire
113 (18)Captain Rorvik
114 (18)The Master
115 (18)The Master
129 (Special)Borusa & The Master & Cybermen

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