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Zenith of the dawn.
Mandibles of demise.
Strike under the girdle.
Go by a dollar.
Leaping the magnum.
Diseased as the poodle.
Sloop Hello!
The Monarch is lifeless.
Feral pinch pursuit.
Shoot towards Bill!
Place a nylon into this.
Wonder slayed the tabby.
Soapy in the pie hole.
Feline has thou language?
Abrupt termination of the staff.
Retain thee blouse atop.
Average of the route.
Presipitating felines plus hounds.
Boats proceeding at sundown.
Ultimate however not the tiniest.
Terra Prostitute!
Adoration be sightless.
Flog circling the shrub.
Somersault the parrot.
Elated as the Quahog.
Triple hound sundown.
Snap the segment.
Dialogue is inferior.
Boot a pail.
Near, yet not a stogie.
Whirl with the jabs.
Bawl Lobo!
Ten pennies for twelve.
A dope plus his dough are shortly deceased.
It requires a duet to cha-cha.
Elevated, also arid.
The break of sunrise.
Healthy as a violin.
Cozy as the beetle in the toupee.
Unripe peepered ogre.
Digit tasting genuine.
Battle flame and flame.
Drizzle over your procession.

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