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Can you name every noticable warlock in destiny??

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NoneAn unknown warlock who wrote a journal
NoneMember of the Genysm Scribes who was forcibly modified by the Vex
NoneA member of the Iron Wolves
NoneA member of the Praxic Order and leader of the fireteam sent to assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx
LordVoidwalker and former Warlord who defected to the Iron Lords
NoneUncle of Tess Everis
NoneCreated the Pocket Infinity fusion rifle
NoneThe warlock vanguard
..., the LightheartedHas the title 'the Lighthearted' due to their cheerful disposition
NoneWas exiled from the city for their misuse of resources and their obsession with the Vex
NoneA warlock who was lost in time inside the Vault of Glass on Venus
NoneA Thanatonaut who had visions of the Black Garden
NoneThe architect of the Mask of the Quiet One
LadyAn Iron Lord who wrote songs on her compatriots accomplishments and feats
TheVoice of the Traveler
TheOne of the creators of the Zen Meteor sniper rifle
NoneA member of the Praxic Warlocks who helped make the Zen Meteor sniper rifle
LordAn Iron Lord who was obsessed with the works of Clovis Bray, particuarly SIVA
..., the ShatteredThey were exiled out of fear due to their obsession with the Hive
NoneControversial theorist on the Darkness
BrotherResides in the Vestian Outpost

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