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Can You Name Every Noticable Titan in Destiny?

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TitleTitanExtra Hint
NoneMember of the Iron Wolves
NoneMember of the Firebreak Order who saved the Flame Victorious
NoneA titan who fell to the darkness and was consumed by it
NoneMember of the First Pillar who was K.I.A in the Cosmodrome
..., the DawncallerMember of the First Pillar who was K.I.A in the Ocean of Storms
NoneParticipated in the Battle of the Twilight Gap
NoneLed a fireteam which was last seen near the Caspian Sea in the Cosmodrome
Lady Sacrificed themselves in an attempt to contian SIVA
..., the LegionlessLed th first middion to breach the Vault of Glass
NoneMember of the First Pillar who was K.I.A in the Battle of Twilight Gap
NoneForged the Sunbracers gauntlets and the Sunshot hand cannon
NoneMember of the First Pillar who was K.I.A in the EDZ
NoneLast magistrate of The Sunbreakers
TitleTitanExtra Hint
LordFounder and Leader of the Iron Lords
NoneOne of the first guardians revealed for stabilizing the city
NoneKnown as a legendary titan who killed Solkis, Devil Kell
LordFormer Iron Lord who survived SIVA, also known as the handler of the Iron Banner
LordThe Crucible handler who aids guardians in PvP combat
LordAn Iron Lord who specialised in building defences
Deputy CommanderA vanguard scout assigned to the moon Titan
NoneAn undefeated titan in the crucible before he was murdered
NoneCriticised the use of the Agema armour, as he didn't like it during the Battle of Twilight Gap
NoneKilled by the thrall spawn of Alak-Hul, the Darkblade while on a mission to assassinate Crota, Son of Oryx
NoneWhile on a mission to retake the moon from the Hive, they were tragically killed by Crota, Son of Oryx
CommanderThe titan Vanguard

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