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A crashed airplane and a well sought after cave.
A train wreck and an old warehouse became a snipers delight before the snowstorm hit.
A cabin in the woods becomes a horror story for the kids who wander into the open.
If you look up to the hills in this Brazilian level, you can see Jesus on a hill.
Rooftop showdown, nobody rushes to the helicopter.
Classic street fighting in a town featuring such fantastic stores as 'Fariha Market'
A ravaged desert town at sunset becomes a hot spot for people who like to climb buildings.
Large scale battling in a mine, featuring many boxes covered by sheets.
A river separates the small houses in the Brazilian based level.
Abandoned oil rigs make the best sites for deathmatches.
Empty hulls, cranes, and a lot of close quarters battling.
Urban battles featuring exploding fire hydrants.
One of the games many snow maps, this time featuring immobile war machines.
There is 'no Russian' allowed in the single player run through of this level.
A bombed road leads to conflict in near by sewers.
Resembles Chernobyl, but most of your time will be spend underground.

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