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Forced Order
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I got this scratCH IN A fistfightCHINA
Natural selection tells us that through the mutation of a fin, land animals were all originally sea animals.
We played Mad Gab on the plane
If I don’t pass calc, an adamant parent or teacher is sure to make me retake it.
They claimed to be fighting the Vietcong, or the French, or communism, I don't recall.
The doctor proceeded in diagnosing my condition: countchoculitus
Though chinchillas are crepuscular, men I accept as intelligent, say they make great pets
A doverman! Now there's an animal I could get used to.
To train my afghan, I stand with my arms outstreched and speak in a stern voice
I can't deal with his new zeal and fervor for his religion
Though his screams made things harder, I treated him fairly

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