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A teen with no eyelids and wears a white hoodie
A Demon with gray skin that eats kidneys and has a blue mask to cover his face
A tall faceless man whit a suit and the watcher of the woods
He drowned at a young age and now is hunting a game
she was raped at a young age and was killed she hunts you if you enter her house
A clown that has a cone shape noise Never take candy from him or youll may die
If his file is on your computer never open it or youll have to spread the word
Monster that wears a skull and eats children in trees
A Painter that says 'Don't be exited for tomorrow because there will be no tomorrow'
An unknown creature that watches you sleep and kills you if it feels like it
A 17-year-old killer with Tourettes and an invulnerability to pain
A proxy with a white mask with black eyes and lips
a proxy with a black mask that has a red stitched Frowned and red eyes
You do not call me Natalie anymore.Or your time will be up
An armless monster who eats Andrew after crushing his ribcage
A skeleton puppet who uses skin to make his cape and top hat
The Ruler of the underworld and is the meaning of chaos, insanity, misery he will end the world when he likes
A video game with a hapless, limbless boy in it, who is followed by messages in his party
A plush toy with a gem on it's head that causes your eyes to bleed
He was killed by his brother and wears a red scarf

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