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Can you name the Earthbound characters?

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Forced Order
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Female Friend
Bespectacled Friend
Princely Friend
Your Dog
Your Sister
Your Evil Neighbor
Your Neighbor's Little Brother
Your Neighbor's Father
Your Neigbor's Mother
'Fly' from the Future
Onett's Mayor
Discoverer of the Mani Mani Statue
Leader of the Sharks
Onett's Police Chief
Burglin Park Protector
The Cash-Strapped Band
The Popular Inventor
The Not-so-popular Inventor
Chaos Theater Owner
Leader of the Happy Happyists
Bespectacled Friend's Best Friend and Roommate
Scientist at Snow Wood Boarding School
Bespectacled Friend's Simian Helper
Dungeon Maker
Friendly Sea Monster of Winters
Bespectacled Friend's Father and Scientist
Pile with a Penchant for Fly Honey
Dusty Dunes Desert Diggers
A Farseer in Dusty Dunes who Loves Monkeys
Mayor of Fourside
Mayor of Fourside's Maid
Owner of Topolla Theater
Famous Singer at Topolla Theater
Curator of Fourside's Dinosaur Museum
Helpers in Magicant
The Prince's Master in Mu Training
The Main Villain
Say 'fuzzy pickles!'

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