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You will be given a list of hints for a country and what the country begins with. What are the countries?

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ClueWordStarts with...
South American CountryA
The Capital is BrusselsB
The country with the highest populationC
European CountryD
A country in the horn of AfricaE
Won the World Cup in 1998F
Population of around 80 million in 2013G
Had a catastrophic earthquake in 2010H
The 20th largest island on EarthI
Has a white flag with a red circle in the middleJ
African CountryK
Borders Belgium, France and GermanyL
Held a Formula 1 race in May 2013M
ClueWordStarts with...
Has a fertility rate of 7.01, as of 2011N
Only country beginning with this letterO
Home of the Tatra mountainsP
Has zig-zags in the flagQ
Largest country on EarthR
Inside ItalyS
Located in Europe and AsiaT
Life Expectancy: 78.64 years as of 2011U
Home of the Angel FallsV
Part of the United KingdomW
Salmon fishing in the...Y
Borders a country that alphabetically comes after themZ

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