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Name the Country That...
Is the poorest country of the Western Hemisphere
Is the last alphabetically
Used to be called Zaire
Is the only country to start with 'Q'
Has the most coastline
Consumes the most beer per capita anually
Is the first alphabetically
Shares it's name with a state
Has 3 capitals
Borders UAE from 2 sides
Has the highest population density
Comprises of an Asian city
Has the capital 'Majuro'
Is not officially recognized
Is a result of the Holocaust
Has the most active volcano
Name the Country That...
Was ancient Normandy
Was created as a result of the abolishment of the UK slave trade
Capital was named after a US president (other than Washington)
Has the largest city in Africa
Was the home to the Beatles
Was the only Portugese South American colone
Has the lowest population density
Is the newest country
Was the first invadee of WWII
Is the #1 rice exporter
Borders the Baltic Sea and the Pacific Ocean
Has the northernmost capital
Has the largest city in the world
Has the highest % of the population have high-speed internet
Is Sporcle's favorite country

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