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Forced Order
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DescriptionBand Name
Despite consisting of 2 words and 13 letters, this band's name does not contain an a, e, i, o, or a u
The first name of this band was purposely misspelled so that Americans would not mispronounce the word
Shares the name with a magazine and is part of the title of a Bob Dylan song
All female cover band of Iron Maiden
This band was forced to add a random number to their name so that another band would not sue them
This name comes form a certain day of a certain season when this band was formed
Only one word separates this Canadian band from a legendary British classic rock band. Can you guess who it is?
_____ and ______, where the blanks are two words that describe this Canadian singer songwriter's first and last names
DescriptionBand Name
Despite being a metal band, this band's name is taken from the book of Genesis
If this Canadian band was American, they might be called 'Imperial'
A shortened form of this band's former name 'the Management'
Not to be confused with candy, this name comes from this rapper's initials
This band's name ends with the year in which one its members was born, however most fans leave this number out when talking about this band
Often labelled as a solo artist, this band had one of the most influential guitarists of all time
A cross between a very popular electric guitar and a type of violin

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