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Can you name the cities by the famous-ish people or god figures they were named after?

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Person/GodCityPerson/God Known As
Lady PenhLegendary wealthy Cambodian nun
Sir Thomas BrisbaneScottish astronomer, Governor of New South Wales
George Washington1st President of the United States
Queen AnneQueen of Great Britain and Ireland
Saint MarinusChristian stonemason from an Adriatic island
Paul the ApostleRoman Jewish apostle, a.k.a. Saul of Tarsus
KrakusPolish prince and dragon slayer
Jean Parisot de Valette1500s French nobleman, Grand Master of the Order of Malta
James II of England1600s English king, Duke of York
HabaguanexTaíno Native American chief
James, Son of ZebedeeOne of Jesus' 12 apostles, Patron Saint of Spain
Queen YamoussoLeader of village in Ivory Coast
MetztliAztec god/goddess of the moon, night and farmers
Ho Chi MinhNorth Vietnamese communist leader
Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of WellingtonBritish soldier, victor of the Battle of Waterloo
Person/GodCityPerson/God Known As
Pierre Savorgnan de BrazzaItalian-French explorer of the 1800s
Prince LavaSon of Lord Rama in Hindu mythology, a.k.a. Luv, Loh
Fairfax MoresbyBritish naval officer
RomulusMythical founder of this city, killed twin Remus
Mai KolachiElderly fisherwoman on the Indus River
Andries PretoriusBoer leader of the 1800s
Braslav of Pannonian CroatiaDuke/Prince of Pannonian Croatia, 800s AD
MumbadeviHindu goddess
King George III1700s-1800s King of Great Britain and Ireland
James Monroe5th President of the USA, supported African colonies for African-Americans
AthenaGreek goddess of wisdom
Kgosi GaboroneBotswana chief of the late 1800s
George Eden, 1st Earl of AucklandBritish politician, Governor-General of India
Alexander the GreatSuccessful Ancient Greek king
Antonio José de SucreVenezuelan independence leader

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