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Can you name the 50 US states by the countries with the most similar population density?

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CountryStateCountry Population Density
Lebanon1,225/sq mile
Netherlands1,050/sq mile
Philippines860/sq mile
Grenada777/sq mile
Pakistan601/sq mile
São Tomé and Príncipe484/sq mile
Andorra425/sq mile
Uganda365/sq mile
Slovakia285/sq mile
Togo282/sq mile
Dominica249/sq mile
Malaysia236/sq mile
Romania218/sq mile
Ethiopia210/sq mile
Burma (Myanmar)205/sq mile
Timor-Leste (East Timor)184/sq mile
Brunei175/sq mile
Uzbekistan174/sq mile
Ecuador160/sq mile
Mexico158/sq mile
Tajikistan148/sq mile
South Africa111/sq mile
Colombia108/sq mile
Colombia108/sq mile
Afghanistan101/sq mile
CountryStateCountry Population Density
Afghanistan101/sq mile
Liberia93/sq mile
Zimbabwe85/sq mile
Mozambique77/sq mile
Bahamas65/sq mile
Bahamas65/sq mile
Peru61/sq mile
Chile57/sq mile
Chile57/sq mile
Vanuatu56/sq mile
Vanuatu56/sq mile
Bhutan50/sq mile
New Zealand43/sq mile
Papua New Guinea41/sq mile
Belize35/sq mile
Belize35/sq mile
Bolivia24/sq mile
Bolivia24/sq mile
Central African Republic19/sq mile
Gabon16/sq mile
Guyana10/sq mile
Guyana10/sq mile
Australia7/sq mile
Namibia6/sq mile
Mongolia3/sq mile

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