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Can you name the current heads of government (not heads of state)?

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TitleNameKnown For (among other things)
President of the United States*Being the first African-American president in the country
Prime Minister of the United KingdomBringing the first coalition government to the UK since WWII
Prime Minister of CanadaBeing the first PM from the Canadian Conservative Party
Prime Minister of AustraliaBeing the first female PM in Australia
Chancellor of GermanyBeing the first female Chancellor in Germany
Prime Minister of RussiaPreviously being the youngest President in Russia
Supreme Leader of North Korea*Being the world's youngest head of state
Prime Minister of IndiaBeing the first Sikh PM in India
President of Indonesia*Releasing a music album called 'My Longing for You'
President of South Africa*Polygamy, having married six times
TitleNameKnown For (among other things)
King of Saudi Arabia*Being one of the richest royals in the world
Prime Minister of IsraelBeing the first PM of Israel born in the UN-recognised country
Premier of the People's Republic of ChinaHis background in geology and engineering
President of Cuba*Being the second president in Cuba since 1976, after his brother stepped down
Prime Minister of ItalyUse of technocrats in response to the Italian debt crisis
Prime Minister of JapanHaving a black belt in judo
President of Mexico*Having himself and his wife blessed by the Pope
President of Venezuela*His socialist values and beliefs
Prime Minister of New ZealandReading the 'Top Ten Reasons You Should Visit New Zealand' on the Late Show with David Letterman
Prime Minister of TurkeySelling lemonade on the streets of Istanbul as a teenager

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