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If you move a substance from one container to another and its volume changes, the substance is a
A method to separate substances based on the size of the particles
An ability for a material to be hammered without shattering
A chemical reaction or change in which energy is lost to the surroundings
An ability of a substance to burn in the pressence of oxygen
What are the building blocks of all matter?
A member of the boron group has three valence electrons, while a member of the nitrogen group has...
Which subatomic particle has a negative charge?
You are about to open a container of soy milk but notice that there are instructions to “shake well before serving.” The soy milk is most likely a
Typically, atoms gain or lose electrons to become more...
Definite shape, variable volume
The phase change in which a substance changes from a solid to a gas or vapor without changing to a liquid first is
Which of the following is unique for any given element?
The phase change that is the reverse of condensation is
A bond formed between a metal and non-metal
Definite shape, definite volume
If an unknown substance CANNOT be broken down into simpler substances, it is a...
Which subatomic particle has VERY little mass
Determines the atomic nThe number of protons in one atom of an element is that element’s...umber of an element.
The mass number is the number of protons + the number of ...
In the ionic compound iron (III) oxide, the charge of iron is...
The phase change that is the reverse of sublimation is
The readiness of a substance to combine chemically with another
A liquid's ability to resist flow
This type of electrons determine how electrons bond
What is the result of a force distributed over an area?
A bond formed when electrons are shared
The location that energy is stored in compounds/molecules
A column on the periodic table
If a material contains three elements joined in a fixed proportion, it is a(an)
Variable shape, variable volume
A mixture that appears to contain only one substance is a(an)

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