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Can you name the Pearls Before Swine characters?

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1. Negative Main Character
2. Stupid Main Character
3. Prey Main Character
4. Smart Main Caracter
5. Crockydile Father
6. Crockydile Mother
7. Crockydile Couple's Son
8. Crockydile Group
9. 1& 2's Pet
10. 3's Pet
11. 2's Moody Girlfriend
12. Drunk Children's Book Character
13. Children's Book Character (Always Dies)
14. Children's Book Character (Large Mammal)
15. 14's Friend (In Children's Book)
16. Chained-Up Animal
17. 16's Girlfriend
18. 1 & 2's Neighbor
19. Family Circus Character (has many cameos)
20. Predator (Killed in Treasury # 3)
21. 20's Prey
22. 3's Other Neighbors
23. Predators (Funeral Home, Eats Dead People)
24. 2's Germophobic Sister
25. Drinks Beer fron Funnel
26. Needy Porcupine
27. Mini Train Conductor
28. 1's Comic Book Character
29. Strip Creator
30. 1's Book Character
31. Prey that Crocs Can Catch
32. Non-Talking Sheep
33. Pig's Only Enemy
34. Girly Figurines
35. Protesting Bear

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