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What is Elvis Presley's natural hair colour?
Mark Wahlberg served time in prison, how long did he serve?
What are Bob Marley's Nationalities?
What issue did James Earl Jones suffer with as a child?
Who did Buzz Aldrin make a rap song with about his time in space?
What was Jim Carrey's job after dropping out of high school at age 16?
What phobia does Johnny Depp suffer from?
At age 15, Christopher Walken was in the circus, what was his role?
What boy band offered Ryan Gosling a spot in their band?
Who is the highest paid reality TV star in history
Where was Leighton Meester born?
What was Martin Luther King's favourite TV show?
How did Steve Jobs relieve stress?
What US city was Jerry Springer mayor of?
What was Jeremy Renner's job before he started acting?
Which New York Government Agency did Steve Buscemi work for before acting?
Johnny Cash wrote a science fiction novel in 1953, what was it called?
What was Michael Jackson's hit song 'Thriller' meant to be called?
Thomas F. Wilson was a member of what club in high school?
What was the first thing Rupert Grint purchased when he started earning movie-star money?
Who was nominated but didn't win an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1958?
What heart condition does Miley Cyrus suffer with?
Who was the first face on Facebook?
One Direction member Liam Payne has a phobia of what?
What is Kesha's IQ?
At the age of 2, Paul Walker appeared in a television commercial for what?
What was Sylvester Stallone's first movie?
Name one of Justin Bieber's Teddy Bears?
Shakira's music teacher banned her from the school choir because she supposedly sounded like what?
John Adams, the 2nd president of the US, named his dog what?

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