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Start of war (Year)
End of war (Year)
Treaty signed at the end of WWI
Germany invaded ______ on September 1st, 1939
Fast-moving German attack
Year the U.S. joined the war
The United States joined on the side of the _____
British Prime Minister, also known as the 'Bulldog'
While imprisoned, Hitler wrote ____ _____
Decisive battle held in the skies over London
Italy, Germany, and Japan were all part of the...
Allied invasion of northern France
Mass genocide of Jews, gypsies, and other minorities
Planned attack by the German government against the Jewish commuity, targeted businesses and shops owned by Jews
Germany had this type of political policy
Russia had this type of political policy
Post-War conference held to prosecute Nazi war criminals
Japan bombed _____ _____ in 1941
Fenced off areas in Germany where Jews were methodically killed
The Soviet Union turned back the German invasion at the Battle of __________
Ethiopia was invaded by _____ in 1935
The policy of Britain and France giving into Hitler's demands to prevent another war
Germany's unique tank division
Strategy used to defeat Japan in the Pacific
American President during the majority of the war
Italian Dictator that led the 'Black Shirts' in a fascist takeover of Italy
A battle in the Pacific Campaign that signified the turning point for the U.S.
The long form of 'Nazi'
The French defenses along the German border
Economic crisis throughout the 1930's
Hitler's Second-in-Command
Hitler's Propaganda Minister
Head of the SS
British retreat from the European mainland -- Used civilian boats to evacuate soldiers under German fire
Intense battle for small island in the Pacific, well known for the post-battle raising of the flag
Hitler's first name
The _____ ____ was dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The German-backed government in France
This nation was neutral during the war while recovering from a civil war

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