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Given a description, can you give the name of a fictional tv show that is a mashup of a real tv show and band name? (See how to Play for example)

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Walter's business goes legit and he forms a corporation.
Detective Sipowitz investigates a strange sect that worships azure mollusks.
Rick, Darryl, and Michone take cover on a grassy knoll and in a book depository to fight off an influential family of zombies.
Researchers on human sexuality become experts in handguns as well.
Zach, Slater and Screech's failed antics never land them in detention as they are continually bailed out by a Hip Hop trio.
Will and Carlton help the wealthy seniors in their area by delivering new oxygen tanks.
The women of a minimum security prison are allowed to wear their old color - on Sundays only.
Bob Barker switches roles with his Showcase models for a day and proves that he is indeed too sexy for his shirt.
After Art splits with Paul, Rick and AJ invite him to join their San Diego detective agency.
George sells the laundry business to invest in an aerospace business. Hilarity ensues when he and Weezy flee the Earth to avoid nuclear destruction. The really are movin' on up!
Danny is upset with Joey's lax parenting skills as DJ, Stephanie and Michelle are often getting hurt because he lets them jump around constantly
Doug is a deliveryman to a matriarchal group of Neanderthals.
Charlie, Alan and Jake move to Australia and take jobs. One of them is a slacker- Who can that be? - and does only 50% of his duties.
Poor Chris. Nobody seems to love this successful crooner. Maybe they're jealous of that time he made out with a super-model on the beach.
Jessica 6 and the title character flee the City of Domes before turning 30. They out pace others due to their Adidas which they received from a rap trio.

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