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Can you name the words that begin with a man's first name?

Updated Jul 14, 2012

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A gymnast's outfitTOLSTOY
Japanese warriorKINISON
Silly or nonsensical behaviorCRUISE
A bed on a ship or trainBLYLEVEN
Person receiving income from an estate trustAFFLECK
Not strictDEIGHTON
Cookie made of egg whites, sugar, and almondsDRE
A device for measuring diameter or thicknessRIPKEN, JR.
To stop the flow, often of bloodGETZ
Walking together as a group in stepCHAGALL
A person who promotes or advertises a productKNOPFLER
White stone used in statuesCAPONE
A smooth, synthetic fabricBRADBURY
Proceeds received every time a song is soldORBISON
Relating to one's birthKING COLE
A large structureMcMAHON
The largest possible quantityVON SYDOW
Produce or createWILDER
Long medieval sword with a forward sloping cross hiltAIKEN
Boring or mundaneTURNER
Nervous or easily frightenedTEBOW
To see something that's not thereHOLBROOK
Favorable to or promoting health and well-beingMINEO

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