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Can you name the celebrities who had these amazing achievements as kids?

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Childhood AccomplishmentProdigy
He broke 80 on the golf course at just 8 years old.
He composed 'Symphony No. 1 in E Flat Major' at 8.
He attained the title of Grandmaster in chess at age 15.
At age 10, he scored 378 goals in just 85 hockey games.
He painted 'Picador' when he was 8 years old.
She won Best Supporting Actress at 10 for 'Paper Moon'.
He scored a #1 hit with 'Ben' at age 13.
This 'Curly Top' star won a special Academy Award at the age of 7.
This 'Little Miss Sunshine' Oscar nominee began appearing in commercials at age 3.
This 'clown prince' of piano won a scholarship to the Royal Danish Music Conservatory at 9.
At 11, she won Best Supporting Actress for her role in 'The Piano'.
This Grammy-winning cellist performed for JFK at 7.
This skateboarder turned pro at 14 and won 12 straight world championships.
She qualified for the USGA Women's Amateur Public Links at 10 years old.
His performance in 'The Sixth Sense' earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination at 11.
She was leading an army by the age of 16 on the advice of the voice of God, which she claimed she'd heard since she was 12.
He wrote his first geometric proof at 11 and his first theorem at 16. If you've taken geometry, you've worked with the triangle named after him.
This creator of the legendary creature Cthulhu was memorizing poetry at two, and writing full length poems at 5.
This soccer player, originally from Ghana, was the youngest American athlete in over 100 years to sign a major league pro contract in any team sport at age 14.

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