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Can you name the two-word phrases where the two words rhyme with each other?

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Definition2-Word Rhyming PhraseAbbr.
A convertibleDT
Female sex object (like Madonna per her belt buckle)BT
Counterfeit currencyFM
Bad hair, in the a.m. or after a napBH
Nick Jr. TV show with colorful dog and puzzles to solveBC
Magician's wordsHP
1992 U.S. men's Olympic basketball squadDT
When you get paid; a candy barPD
A Grateful Dead fanDH
The yellow polka-dot bikini is thisIB
The yellow polka-dot bikini is also thisTW
A hokey way of saying okayOD
Nonexistent 'drug' you may be told to take when angryCP
A rich person who give lots of money to a politicianFC
Phrase used by peace-loving hippies in the 60sFP
Hit from AC/DC's 'Back in Black'HB
Mischief-maker x 2DT
What you might call a late-night monster movieCF
Disorderly and confused, plus a Beatles songHS
Disorderly and confused, not a Beatles songPM
Fooling around in a sexual wayHP
Average or ordinary guy...a schmuckJS
Definition2-Word Rhyming PhraseAbbr.
A movie for womenCF
What might be on your car after parking under a treeBT
Stamped envelopes in the aftermath of emailSM
A televisionBT
Ruffles are often served with thisCD
Incredibly simpleEP
Minor car accidentFB
Handheld, battery-powered device for talking to each otherWT
Pretentiously artisticAF
A way of describing a dog's barkBW
Old-fashioned and boring personFD
Nonsense talkMJ
The essential part of something; the detailsNG
It picks up dog droppingsPS
A corny way to say something is really greatSD
A shrewd and often shady businessperson WD
Pompous or snobbishHT
A style of blues piano...or the lead-in to the bugle boy of Company BBW
In a random wayWN
A group dance, often done at wedding receptionsHP
TV programming from 8 to 11 pmPT

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