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QUIZ: Can you name the TV network when given these 'mega-titles' made from words in their show titles?

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Mega-TitleTV Network
Jimmy Leno and Hannibal Daly Call Parenthood Grimm Today
Awkward and Pregnant Snooki Is Gonna Show Crazy Teen Mom the World of Ridiculousness
Ask Barney the Big Old House Builder Why Arthur Moyers Knows the Secrets of Baking
The 30-Minute Barefoot Kitchen Boy Meets Rachel, Bobby, Guy, Giada, Emeril, and Nigella
Beware of Dexter's Annoying Almost Naked Gym Sidekick
It's Me or the Dog, Cat, Bigfoot, Gator, Lemur, Meerkat, Monkey, and River Monsters
The Deadliest Dirty Naked Stormchasers vs. the Wild Amish Pot Cops of Philly
Gene the Motel Duck Exterminator Shipping the 48 Scared Bounty Hoggers
The Kung Fu OddParents of Dora the Teenage Mutant Puppy
How the Bold and Restless Mentalist Met NCIS: Nation Craig Investigation Survivor
Sarah's $250,000 Virgins Spice Up the International Dream Home for Property Hunters
Boo Boo Say Yes to My 19 Strange Police Women Counting Long Island Tiaras
The Real Princesses of the OC Envy the Actors Million Dollar Love Deck
Rock My Bizarre Ghost Toy at the Samantha Bourdain Fandemoniun Sandwich Museum
So You Hope Hell's MasterChef Idol Can Anger Bob's Dad Mindy
Mickey the Ferb Fish Hooks the Ally Dog with a Farm Mouse
How the True Boardwalk Ladies Make It with the Big Hung Love Veep
The Mad Dead Men of the Freakshow Breaking the Comic Book Owner's Hell Manual
American Swamp Truckers Shot Pawn Pickers with Mountain Ice Guns
America's Funniest Primetime Mistresses Wipeout Dancing with the Nashville Bachelor

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