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Can you name the hairy things from the clues below?

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Hairy HintHairy Thing
Hairy 'Addams Family' relative
1941 Lon Chaney film and character
American chef and food writer with hirsute surname
U.S. female gold-medal swimmer with hirsute surname
Fruit known for its 'fuzz'
Hair of this animal has been used in violin bows
1970s Hanna-Barbera cartoon 'Help!...It's the ___!' (three words)
Popular product to help you 'gaine' hair
Cats sometimes vomit these up
Female found in sideshows and the movie 'Freaks'
Twisted Sister or Motley Crue might be called this
Mennonite group known for beards (but not mustaches)
A 'heavenly' type of pasta
Women's towering hairstyle that had a lot of 'buzz' in the '60s
Yank this off skin to remove hair at the root (ouch!)
Hairy HintHairy Thing
1975 Nazareth album and song
John Waters film and now a Broadway musical
Fairytale heroine who lets down her hair
Charlie Brown's object of desire
Movie where you'd hear: 'Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape.'
University of Georgia costumed mascot
1976 Disney film with Dean Jones becoming sheepdog
NHL players grow this for postseason good luck
Texas rock band known for chest-length beards
Billy Ray Cyrus sported this now-ridiculed hairstyle
Extinct elephantidae known for its shaggy hair
First U.S. president to have a beard
Section of hair that stands straight up, as on the Little Rascals' Alfalfa
Condition describing abnormal amounts of body hair
Pirate Edward Teach's nickname

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