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Can you name the answers to these 27 trivia questions in 7 minutes?

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To be classified as seedless, what is the max number of seeds a piece of fruit can have?
What cartoon character was the first to appear on a U.S. postage stamp?
Who was the first commoner depicted on a British postage stamp?
Which of Jackie Gleason's popular sayings is on his tomb?
What color commonly attracts hummingbirds?
What is the only state to have its original two-letter postal abbreviation changed?
The last two letters of which state are the same as its postal abbreviation?
What is the only James Bond movie theme song to reach #1 on U.S. singles charts?
What company's stock symbol is ZZ?
How many ways to leave a lover does Paul Simon list in '50 Ways to Leave a Lover'?
What does FICO stand for in relation to credit scores?
What was the last brand of cigarette to be advertised on U.S. TV?
What does the U in U-boat stand for?
What animal is the most common mascot at U.S. colleges?
What African river has two countries named after it?
What golfing legend helped design the first numbered golf clubs?
What is the first name of Planters Peanuts' monocled mascot Mr. Peanut?
How many steps are taken by soldiers guarding the Tomb of Unknowns at Arlington?
What land animal has the largest eyes?
What cartoon character was the first to appear on the cover of Playboy?
What state's flag is the only one with different designs on each side?
What first name did Margaret Mitchell originally give to Scarlett O'Hara?
In what year were the movies 9 and Nine released?
What state is home to the company that makes Arizona Ice Tea?
What rock band's songs are used as themes for TV's CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York?
In what state was Kentucky Fried Chicken-founder Colonel Sanders born?
Who was the only U.S. athlete to be drafted in four pro leagues?

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