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Can you name the person or fictional character based on the three-word clues (volume 2)?

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Tri•ographyWho Is It?
Tennis, Temper, Tatum
Swimmer, Medals, Most
Bodybuilder, Terminator, Governor
Idol, Ditzy, Judge
Greek, Fables, Slave
Cyclist, Champion, Cancer
Butt-head, Buddy, Metallica
Spangled, Banner, Writer
Crack, Mayor, Washington
Respect, Singer, Detroit
Her, Plus, Eight
Gymnast, Romania, 10
Legendary, Tree, Planter
Kidnapped, Symbionese, Heiress
Hawaiian, Bubbles, Singer
Republican, Politician, Salamander
Existential, Metamorphosis, Author
Quarterback, Dogs, Jail
Bugs, Daffy, Voice
Golfer, Overweight, Drunk
Hitchhiker, Galaxy, Author
Price, Right, Host
Purple, Haze, Guitarist
Dead, Terrorist, Finally
Baseball, Inventor, Not
Silver, Dollar, Suffragist
Teen, Doctor, Harris
Jellystone, Hat, Animal
Skateboarder, Bird, Clothing
Exorcist, Actress, Vomit
Tri•ographyWho Is It?
Strange, Song, Parodist
Wardrobe, Malfunction, Singer
Red, Cross, Founder
Hitler, Wife, Suicide
Crocodile, Hunter, Australian
Simpson, Murder, Houseguest
Archaeologist, Adventurer, Whip
Jan, Cindy, Sister
Female, Skater, Thug
Mattel, Doll, Blonde
Big, Adventure, Bicycle
Nightline, Large, Head
Jamaican, Sprinter, Lightning
Branch, Davidian, Waco
Cabot, Cove, Sleuth
Polio, Vaccine, Virologist
Hey, Hey, Hey
Basketball, Inventor, Coach
Diver, HIV, Head
Thor, Hulk, Creator
Scream, Painter, Norwegian
Tate, Cult, Killer
Heeeere's, Johnny, Announcer
Barney, Betty, Son
Bart, Simpson, Creator
Spacely, Sprockets, Employee
Divine, Comedy, Writer
Christmas, Carol, Cripple
Chinese, Philosopher, Sayings
Mulder, Partner, Doctor
Tri•ographyWho Is It?
Beard, Scythe, Hourglass
Say, Hey, Kid
Forty, Whacks, Axe
Clumsy, Detective, Panther
Go, Daddy, Racer
Cher, Husband, Short
Lips, Stones, Singer
Dog, Conditioning, Scientist
Pink, Kermit, Love
Long, Hair, Fairytale
Belushi, Partner, Ghostbuster
Lone, Ranger, Sidekick
Talks, To, Animals
Bald, Superman, Enemy
Evangelist, Wife, Makeup
Charles, Wife, Second
Odd, Couple, Neatnik
Mute, Horn, Comedy
Dyn!, O!, Mite!
Stallone, Boxer, Adrian
Nirvana, Drummer, Foo
Potter, Nemesis, Riddle
Knife, Husband, Privates
Me, King, Jungle
Laurel, Portly, Partner
Prince, Kiss, Awake
Fantastic, Four, Flamer
Dollar, Tik, Tok
Camelot, Guinevere, Husband
Double, Oh, Seven

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