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Can you name the missing word from these events that occurred in 1914?

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___ Motor Company announces an eight-hour workday and a daily wage of $5
Edgar Rice Burroughs' '___ of the Apes' is published in book form
Charles ___ makes his film début in the comedy short 'Making a Living'
The HMHS Britannic, sister to the RMS ___, is launched in Belfast
Pittsburgh's Honus ___ becomes the first baseball player in the 20th century with 3,000 career hits
Serbian nationalist Gavrilo Princip assassinates Archduke Franz ___ of Austria and his wife, ultimately leading to WWI
Baseball legend Babe Ruth pitches his first professional game at age 19 for the Baltimore ___
The first electric traffic light is installed between Euclid Avenue and East 105 Street in ___, Ohio
Saint ___ in Russia changes its name to Petrograd
Britain's HMS Pathfinder becomes the first ship ever to be sunk by a torpedo fired from a ___
Andrew Fisher becomes Prime Minister of ___ for the third time
Benito ___ is expelled from the Italian Socialist Party
American naturalist and Sierra Club founder John ___ dies
James Joyce's semi-autobiographical novel 'A ___ of the Artist as a Young Man' is serialized in The Egoist
Sinope, the outermost known moon of ___, is discovered by Seth Barnes Nicholson at Lick Observatory
___ Lines, the dog breed-named bus carrier, is founded in Hibbing, Minnesota
Mohandas Karamchand ___ returns to India from South Africa to spearhead the Indian independence movement
The first everyday items made of ___ steel come into public circulation
'Hinemoa,' the first feature film made in New Zealand, premieres at the Lyric Theatre in the city of ___
On August 1, the New York ___ Exchange closes due to the war in Europe
Joseph Patrick Kennedy Sr. marries ___ Fitzgerald in Boston
Blackburn ___ win the Football League with 51 points
___ Jane, the chewy taffy with the peanut butter center, is introduced
The first English-language performance of George Bernard Shaw's comedy '___' takes place at His Majesty's Theatre in London

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