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Can you name the missing word from these events that occurred in 1913?

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The 16th Amendment is ratified, authorizing the U.S. government to collect ___ taxes
___ Wilson succeeds William Howard Taft as President of the United States
The city of ___, the new capital of Australia, is christened in a ceremony
Pancho ___ returns to Mexico from his self-imposed exile in the United States
King George I of ___ is assassinated after 50 years on the throne
The Parliament of South ___ forbids blacks from owning or buying land from whites
___ Valley, California hits 134 °F (56.7 °C), the highest temperature recorded in the world
The Little ___ statue is finished in Kopenhagen, Denmark
Mohandas ___ is arrested while leading a march of Indian miners in South Africa
The Ford Motor Company introduces the first moving ___ line
Art thief Vincenzo Perugia tries to sell the ___ Lisa in Florence and is arrested
The Camel brand is introduced by R. J. Reynolds in the United States, the first packaged ___
U.S. abolitionist Harriet ___ dies at age 93
Arthur Wynne's 'word-cross', the first ___ puzzle, is published in the New York World
D. H. Lawrence publishes 'Sons and ___'
___ Villa defeats Sunderland 1-0 in the FA Cup final at Crystal Palace, London
Former First Lady Frances Folsom ___ becomes the first President's widow to remarry
Joseph ___ is arrested by Russia's Tsarist government and spends the next four years in prison
New York's pro baseball team, formerly the Highlanders, plays its first game as the ___
Both children of dancer Isadora ___ die in a car accident; she would die in a car accident 14 years later
Romania forms its first ___ force, the Corpul Aerian Romana
British economist John ___ Keynes publishes his first book, 'Indian Currency and Finance'
The Philadelphia Athletics win their third World Series in four years under manager Connie ___
U.S. banker and financier J.P. ___ dies while traveling abroad

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