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Can you name the words, phrases, and titles that contain 'gun' or 'guns'?

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___ GunTom Cruise flick
___ ___ ___ Gun'You'll shoot your eye out' with it
___ ___ ___ GunIrving Berlin broadway musical
___ GunsEmilio Estevez flick
___ gunU.S. versions of this toy must have bright tips
___ gunUsed in many craft projects
Gun___ ___ ___ ___ ___Famous old west showdown in Tombstone, AZ
Gun ___Tube a bullet travels through
___ ___ ___ ___ GunIan Fleming novel ('The...')
Gun___Sulphur, charcoal, and potassium nitrate
___ GunsGreen Day hit
Gun ___Nervous about doing something
___ Gun, ___ ___'57 to '63 CBS series
___ ___ gunStart too soon
___ Gun ___Mobster George Kelly Barnes nickname
___ gunCops use it catch speeders
___ gunIndisputable evidence of a crime
___ Guns ___ ___Gregory Peck flick
___ ___ ___ gunSOG (as opposed to SOB)
___ ___ gunFeeling pressure to do something
Guns ___ ___'Sweet Child o' Mine' band
___ GunLeslie Nielsen flick ('The...')
___ ___ ___ GunDalton Trumbo novel
___ GunKiss album and song
___ gunIt shoots potatoes
Gun___Long-running James Arness TV series
___ gunAlso known as a tranquilizer gun
___ ___ ___ Gun'90s Aerosmith song

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