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Can you name the dirty words from the un-dirty definitions?

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DefinitionUn-dirty Word
A rooster.
A hardy mammal smaller than a horse but with longer ears.
A single domestic animal: 200 ___ of cattle.
Slang for sleuth: Private ___.
Baseball player Upton or basketball player Armstrong.
A threaded metal fastener with a slotted head.
A large round part on the back of a camel.
A stupid mistake.
Rounds objects used in many sports.
To pull liquid into your mouth with a straw.
A small North American animal with a wide flat tail that builds dams.
Illegitimate offspring of unmarried parents.
Slang for TV set: ___ Tube.
To hit something hard, creating a loud noise.
Oscar Mayer ___.
Large containers for storing liquids.
A cat.
A small bird: ___mouse.
Bites something gently.
A female dog.

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