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Can you name the statements about landmines as true (T) or false (F) without getting any wrong and triggering a mine?

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Explosive StatementT or F?
Landmines are designed to explode when triggered by pressure or a tripwire
Surprisingly, landmines have killed fewer than 5,000 people since 1995
The TF9 is a farmer-friendly Korean mine that can't be triggered by animal hooves
Early on, many military leaders considered mines 'improper to the conduct of war'
ICBL stands for International Campaign to Ban Landmines
Silent landmines are sometimes called land 'mimes'
Novelist William Gibson is credited with coining the term 'landmine'
Pressure-triggered mines did not appear until World War II
'Nuclear' mines were developed during the 20th Century
Cruise missiles are used to plant landmines
It costs as little as three U.S. dollars to create a landmine
Hitler had scientists working on mines that played 'Deutschland Über Alles' upon detonation
Mines have been planted on the moon
Over 100 million mines are currently in the ground worldwide
The United States is the only NATO member that has not joined the Mine Ban Treaty

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