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QUIZ: Can you name the answer (either one) to the questions that give you two extreme options?

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Name either the...Answer
first or last decade that Napoleon Bonaparte lived in
first or last U.S. president in office during the 1800s
first-born or last-born child of Joseph and Rose Kennedy
most or least populous country
most or least populous U.S. state
first or last country alphabetically
first or last U.S. state alphabetically
northernmost or southernmost world capital
first or last feature film directed by Stanley Kubrick
first or last film to star Marilyn Monroe
first or last Michael Jackson solo studio album
first or last Beatles' Billboard #1 hit (U.S.)
first or last of the twelve apostles alphabetically
first or last letter of the Greek alphabet
first or last word of the U.S. Declaration of Independence
first or last Shakespeare play alphabetically (no articles)
first or last book in the Harry Potter series
team with the most or the fewest wins in a English Premier League 38-game season
active NFL team with the most or the fewest seasons making the playoffs
first or last MLB team that Kenny Lofton played for
first or last Sporcle category alphabetically
first or last husband of Elizabeth Taylor (surname)
first or most recent actor to play Doctor Who in the BBC series
oldest or youngest “Brady Bunch” child (character first name)
first or last prime number between 100 and 200
first or last minerals on Mohs hardness scale

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