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Can you name the answer (either one) to the questions that give you two extreme options?

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youngest or oldest U.S. president at the time of inauguration
first or most recent U.S. president named James
first or most recent U.S. president surnamed Johnson
first-born or last-born child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip
first or most recent U.S. state to gain statehood
largest or smallest country in area
largest or smallest U.S. state in area
most or least populous world capital
most or least populous U.S. state capital
first or most recent Academy Award Best Picture
first or most recent actor to play James Bond
first or last Hope/Crosby 'Road to' Movie
longest- or shortest-running feature film directed by Steven Spielberg
first or last John Lennon solo studio album
first or most recent #1 U.S. Hot 100 single by Madonna
first or last gift in the '12 Days of Christmas Song'
first or last book of the New Testament of the Bible
first or last of the Seven Deadly Sins
first or last published novel by Jane Austen
team that scored the most points or the team that scored the fewest in the Super Bowl
first or last MLB team name (not geographic location) alphabetically
first or last code word in the NATO phonetic alphabet
closest or farthest planet from the sun
first or last element of the Periodic Table alphabetically
youngest or oldest of the Huxtable siblings (character first name) on 'The Cosby Show'

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