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QUIZ: Can you name the celebrities when given synonyms for the words that form their last names?

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Synonymous SurnameCorrect Surname
Paul Unusedmale
Blair Belowlumber
Rick Coilmeadow
Lucy Ordinancefewer
Alan Jadeextendacross
Neil Limbpowerful
Alfred Fastenrooster
Deepak Mincesungod
Alicia Tablewarerock
Jim Hussycrooked
Jack Dadspear
Steve Blemishcan
Sylvester Toiletboothsolitary
Alec Hairlessvictory
Synonymous SurnameCorrect Surname
Dan Rodentthatgirl
Winston Chapelsick
Dick Fannyatop
Rita Greaternay
Bill Yankguy
Ahmad Skinirritationcircular
Dennis Jumpeach
Vanessa Rubytomb
Charles Giggletwothousandpounds
Joan Tillcorrect
Greg Relativeclose
Katharine Groovyscald
Anne Havegone
Billy Gunknorthward

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