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Can you name the word in the title that has been replaced by the name of the movie's star?

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Star in TitleCorrect Word
To Peck a Mockingbird
Planes, Trains & Candy
Foul Chase
Close Attraction
The Randy Detail
The Last Cruise
Little Saddles
Tucker: The Man and His Bridges
The Big Hurt
Cage Tess
Robin on the Hudson
Bacon Man
Grant Hill
Teen Fox
Animal John
Star in TitleCorrect Word
Coal Miner's Sissy
Places in the Field
How Green Was My Pidgeon
What Women Hunt
Fort Wayne
Rock Talk
True Christian
Monster's Berry
Purple Prince
Splendor in the Wood
Johnny Got His Bottoms
Wilder Crazy
Divine Flamingos
The Best March of Our Lives
The Pink Peter Strikes Again

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