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Sporcle CategoryAnswerSports-Related Question
GeographyWhat was the first U.S. city to host a Winter Olympics?
EntertainmentWho was the baseball promoter known for such publicity stunts as putting a midget into a game?
ScienceWhat college degree is typically pursued by someone who wants to be an athletic trainer?
HistoryThe Ancient Olympic Games were held in honor of which god?
LiteratureWhat former baseball slugger wrote the book 'Juiced'?
SportsWhat is the first subcategory listed in the Sporcle 'Sports' section?
LanguageWhat is NBAer Jonas Jerebko's native language?
Just For FunAt least one of the Olympic ring colors appears in every one of these in the world.
Sporcle CategoryAnswerSports-Related Question
ReligionWhat religion did Cassius Clay convert to just before changing his name to Muhammad Ali?
MoviesWhat 2005 Adam Sandler movie featured former NFLers Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth, and Bill Romanowski?
TelevisionWhat former NFL great left the TV broadcast booth to be the opposite of great as Lions GM?
MusicWhat pro boxing champ recorded an album that included a Spanish cover of the Bee Gees' 'Run to Me'?
GamingWho appears on the cover of Madden NFL 11?
MiscellaneousWhat Olympic team sport was discontinued in 1920, perhaps because it didn't have enough 'pull'?
HolidayOn what holiday does the NBA typically feature matchups of the league's best teams?

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