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Can you name the words that contain the long i form of 'ei'?

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Definitionei Word
Surname of E=MC2 guy
Surname of 'Battleship Potemkin' guy
A scientist who studies earthquakes
City that is home to California's Disneyland Park
Mercury thermometer inventor Daniel Gabriel ___
Famed U.S. piano manufacturer
Manhattan art museum designed by Frank Lloyd Wright
This maneuver can save a choking victim's life
Famous tower located on the Champ de Mars in Paris
Surname of 'Grapes of Wrath' author
People who fear this probably shouldn't climb ladders
Food company known for its 57 varieties
___ Steamroller (known for synthesized Xmas tunes)
Word defining racial segregation in South Africa
Definitionei Word
1975 Clint Eastwood thriller 'The ___ Sanction'
A robbery, often organized by a group
Albert ___ (1952 Nobel Peace Prize recipient)
Adolf ___ (major Holocaust organizer)
Barbra who starred in 'Funny Girl' and 'Yentl'
Disease known for memory loss and confusion
Existential German philosopher Martin ___
Intellectual and cultural climate of an era
A duck whose feathers are used in down comforters
___ counter (measures ionizing radiation)
Super model and 'Project Runway' host ___ Klum
European country bordered by Austria and Switzerland
Doctor who brought Mary Shelley's monster to life
Surname of 34th U.S. President

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