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Can you name the Best Picture winners hidden within the sentences below?

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Juanita viewed that sleazy Dominic as a Blanca confidante who couldn't be trusted with the cannoli pinata.
'But Bubba made us paint the gerbil,' Zach and Gertie said to an unsympathetic Ms. Dripple.
As soon as Jerome saw Mr. Lecter in the kitchen, he bellowed, 'Oh no! Liver! I HATE liver!'
Bernie sought the advice of the AP Art mentors when Contemporary Collage grew too demanding.
Based on the crude drawings, Cornwallis was certain the Burmese chimp was smarter than Helmsley.
Emile the attentive zookeeper wanted stool samples from the giraffe, seal, pig and hippo.
The FDA reported, 'Juicy Jolt is not a trade off for rest. Gum packed with caffeine just makes kids jittery.'
When Victor heard a gasp at Tony's party, he knew they had discovered the ear in the punch bowl.
Carlisle preferred a HLT (Ham, Lettuce, Tomato) to a BLT, especially after fencing with Sister Frakes.
'If it's opossum art you want,' whispered the Egyptian, 'visit the white-haired man with the pink eyes.'
As soon as mall cop turned his back, Ruben hurried into the women's restroom with the salamanders.
It didn't take much to make Luigi giddy. Champagne. Cigarettes. And 'America's Funniest Home Videos.'
'The zircium hydrocenate is gonna blow!' shrieked Profession Waldorf in the chemical lab. 'Out everyone!
Hubert told Bernice that he's tingling all over at the thought of her in lederhosen.
Cardinal Carmen informed the elders, 'It's not at all easy to defrock your priest for taping confessions.'
Mayor Scout wanted to hook up LA to one citywide computer network and name it HoopLA.
After seeing 'A Night at the Opera' in Manhattan, the Finkels deemed Chico Marx a true comedic genius.
Gomez went to see Dr. V about a peptic ulcer that turned into a peptic pimple that turned into a peptic rash.
According to the book by Chef Rosseti, tan icing is much more elegant than other hues of brown.
The students found Mr. Smini very funny when he sang the Order of Operations and Pythagorean theorem.

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