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Can you name the chemical elements hidden within the sentences below?

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To Heathcliff, even a turnip sack would look good on foxy Genevieve, the tap-dancing countess from Oslo.
The Amazing Fred wowed circus-goers with three scorpions on each shoulder and one on his head.
Jeb knew if he had a Chevy Silverado he'd get just as many chicks as that toad-licker Ernie Bob.
With the bank alarm blaring, the shifty thief shouted to the cops, 'The car gone down Elm Street!'
Jeremiah ate the corn on the cob, although he'd rather be having hickory nuts in molasses.
The clumsy pickpocket tried to nick Ellen's purse but broke his jaw running into a lamp post.
At Alice's All-U-Can-Eat Apple Fritters, Big Bert found himself busting out of his button-flies.
Hortonville liked to have one cop per corner during the annual Ms. Pumpkin Pie Pageant and Parade.
Socks was a big, old Persian cat that enjoyed watching 'Patton' on the flat screen.
Having caught the boys with the toupee in hand, Ms. Jenkins said, 'Bo, Ronnie, go straight Mr. Erb's office.'
The prince was weary of pleading with Ariel to get married, particularly now that she was engaged.
The saber-toothed tiger tooth trapped in amber stood as a fossil icon at the Museum of Anthropology.
Bam actually thought the Fallen skate shoes looked pretty freakin' rad on Grandpa Actin.
Buford had heard from Professor Duke that throwing cans in the river was actually good for the environment.
WWE Wrestler Nitro genuinely enjoyed breaking chairs over the skulls of his opponents.
Ned launched Fez, Inc. in Rock Bend with great hope, but he now felt Trilby, Inc. might've been a wiser choice.
When Archie saw Reggie reaching for the black thong, he said, 'Bro, mine's the black one - yours is blue.'
Finster shouted, 'Morrie, why are those oxen on the flatbed - we're only taking the bison!'
From behind the topiary squirrel, Eunice watched Mario dine once again with the shapely gas attendant.
Uma left on Tuesday for Madagascar, Bonnie on Wednesday, but both arrived on Friday due to the peanut strike.

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