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Can you name the countries hidden within the sentences below?

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Dr. Goodacre gave Barb a dose of Vicodin to cope with the pain from the rhinoplasty.
'Attilla was a Hun, Gary, not an Alderaanian senator from the Star Wars movies,' Hortense repudiated.
Reliever Horace Hick didn't want to be a Cub after learning it'd been 104 years since a World Series.
Barbie said to Ken, ''Yahoo!' is not what I expect to hear when I say my underwear has a hole.'
Jonas was mad a gas cartel was allowed to arbitrarily elevate the price of fuel.
'The difference between a malt and a shake,' said the voice on the drive-thru speaker, 'is malt powder.'
Diet pills with coffee gave Clarabel a rush that got her through the nightly chats with her patients.
BJ found his ursine pal to be too quick to judge those creatures without any fur.
After dispatching the alien dachshunds, Fran centers her laser on their leader - the one-legged walrus.
Typesetter Norman Gorman haughtily reminded her, 'If your font is in ital, your spacing decreases.'
Phil found it abnormally funny that Pan Am, a defunct airline, was about to be a defunct TV series.
Harold was aghast to learn from Pig that neither Johnny Cash nor Waylon Jennings was still alive.
Ariel the affable airport attendant liked to say, 'A scan a day keeps the terrorists away.'
Sure enough, during the surgery, they found Phyllis's diamond wedding ring in Diane.
Ms. Swurzle told her students, 'When writing your haiku, wait for the Muses to massage your scalp.'
Beatrix always marveled at the way Mal dives right into a bowl of liver and bean soup.
It was a germ anyone could get from sharing socks - and the resulting dysentery left one incapacitated.
Piper stormed into the dermatologist's office and shrieked, 'I've got a zit on my chin again!'
A frustrated Uncle Ebb shouted, 'Get off the couch in the den, Marky, and help me with this nozzle!'
Nurse Fallow enjoyed visiting regional geriatric facilities to discuss the benefits of semi-annual enemas.

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